Rustoleum Countertop Paint Reviews

Everyone says that a lot of things change with time. Colors fade, the shine dies, quality reduces and the surface damages or decays. We usually come face such situations in our day to day life. It may give an outdated look to our face.

Rustoleum Countertop Paint Reviews

No one wants to deal with such clumsy issues daily. The solution is not always easy. Getting your countertops exchanges or replaced needs lots of funds, time and manpower. Everyone does not afford to get countertops replaced each time they lose their charm.

Using our Rustoleum countertop paint reviews, Transform your old, dingy and plain dated countertops into fresh granite look without any mess and also in a minimum budget. It will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It will save you from the mess of demolition and replacement.
  • It is easy to use and does not require any special skill.
  • It easily fits in your budget.

Features to look for best Rustoleum Countertop Paint:


It is better if the transformation kit includes the tintable coating system. The tintable coating system helps you to get the paint tinted as per your choice. You can choose the color that goes well with your flooring or furnishing. A very few products give you the option of choosing the color of your choice, Some kits allow tinting in dark deeper shades and others offer a wide variety of 12 or 16 colors.

Home Shield Antimicrobial Protection

The Rustoleum countertop coating system contains Home Shield Antimicrobial Protection that inhibits the growth of molds or microbes on the newly painted surface. It also protects the surface from the growth of microbes that causes stains and odor.

Budget Friendly

The Rustoleum countertop coating solutions can fit in anyone’s budget. This pocket-friendly product can transform your whole kitchen or washroom in less than a weekend. Nothing can be cheaper than this. If you are a first time home buyer and are living on a limited budget or you are a tenant, this transformation kit will suit you perfectly. Among all the available transformation kits, this is the cheapest and easiest to use the product.

Easy to use

The best part of this special coating system that is easy to use. You can apply all the layers on your own and do not need any professional help or assistance for it. The protective layer may take more effort to work with but the end product is worth all the efforts. It provides a shiny top layer to the surface and sheen satin smooth looks. Look for the transformation kit which does not require priming or sanding.


Choose the transformation kit that increases the durability of the surface to be transformed. Rust oleum countertop transformation kits can increase the life of the surface to be transformed for up to 5-6 years. It does not lose its color, shine or dullness with time.


Rust-oleum transformation kits are washable and water-resistant. If anything drops on the coated surface, it changes its color for 15-20 minutes and retains back to its original color when it dries completely.

Rustoleum Countertop Paint Reviews

 1.Rust oleum countertop Transformations Kit, charcoal

Rust oleum countertop Transformations Kit, charcoal

This Do It Yourself coating system makes your countertops look beautiful. It transforms the old laminate countertops and makes them appear like natural stone. One small kit of this coating system is sufficient for 50 square feet or 20 linear feet. This coating system is very easy to apply and anyone can do it. One does not need any special skill to use it. But anyhow it turns out really great.

The kit includes a complete step by step instruction guide in the form of a pamphlet and DVD. The DVD explains the whole coating procedure in the easiest manner and simplifies it. The coating system makes your countertop durable and increases its shell life for years. This particular coating system is reinforced with Home Shield antimicrobial protection.

Rust Oleum countertop transformation kit makes your countertop heatproof as well. Even 100% of hot iron does not affect it. It works effectively on bathroom countertops as well and makes them look attractive. Follow all the instructions given with the packing to get the best results.


  • This coating system increases the durability of your kitchen or bathroom countertop and thus increases its life. The protective layer plays a very important role in maintaining the quality and durability of the countertop.
  • The coating system is very easy to apply and you do not need any assistance for help to apply it.
  • The coating does not chip off or wear out easily. It looks very nice, shiny and laminated,
  • The first adhesive base coat is very thick and dries very quickly. It can even repair the small flaws of the countertop.


  • It does not work well with ridges.
  • The entire process of coating the countertop takes too long to complete. It may take a week to finish the whole process.
  • Try to stick to the already existing color of the base coat. New color may mess up the things.

2.Rust-Oleum 258514 Counter Top Transformations, Small Kit, Desert Sand

Rust-Oleum 258514 Counter Top Transformations, Small Kit, Desert Sand

Rust-Oleum 258514 Countertop transformation kit can be used to sand any surface. This adhesion can make any rough surface smooth. You will need some specific rolling brushes and paint trays to perform the function. The adhesive can be a bit smelly but crack a window open and it will be fine.

This particular counter system is very easy to apply. It can transform your old countertops in one weekend only. This small kit is sufficient to transform a 31-square-foot or 12 linear sizes. This amazing countertop transformation is ideal for small kitchens, bathroom vanities and laundry room countertops.

The best part is, you do not need to remove existing countertops to apply this coating system. It does not create any messy demolition. It provides beautiful professional looks to your countertop. The premium natural stone look creates amazing results that last for long. The top protective coat of this coating system does not finish or fade with time. Complete the countertop transformation before the placement of sinks, it will save you from lots of hassle and frustration. The process of sanding, wiping and checking will take around 3-4 hours.


  • This is very easy to do task. You can do it yourself; no professional help or assistance is required. It gives your countertop a fantastic look.
  • The coating system lasts for a longer time. It is durable and does not fade or dull with time. The protective coat prevents any kind of harm to the countertop and retains its shine.
  • It gives your countertop an extremely smooth look.
  • The kit includes instructional DVD and pamphlets that can make your task easier.
  • The kit provides a perfect laminated look to your countertop.


  • The application of last layer can be a bit hectic and can take a lot of time. It may take a week or less.
  • It looks great except for ridges.

3.Rust-Oleum 263209 countertop coating, 32-ounce, black satin

Rust-Oleum 263209 countertop coating, 32-ounce, black satin

Rust Oleum 263209 countertop transformation kit is the best way to transform your old outdated countertop. This one-part coating system is very easy to apply. This coating system does not need any primer even. It works best for all laminates cabinets and even on your furniture. The coating includes a Home Shield antimicrobial solution that inhibits the growth of molds and mildew on the surface. It also prevents microbes that cause odor or stain. This chemical resistant solution scrub-able washable moisture. It almost renews your laminate surfaces and provides a satin sheen.  It makes the transforming surface moisture and scratch-resistant. This Trusted brand is providing a countertop solution since 1921.

This kit can cover more than 200 square feet of the area. The first base coat puts on a hard coating but it has a pungent smell. The horrible smell may last for weeks so take care of proper ventilation in the kitchen. But the quality of the base coat is definitely worth over that smelly thing. Let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat. The process of sanding is crucial and takes lot of effort and hard work.


  • It can transform your kitchen completely. An additional coat will provide extra protection.
  • This coating system gives a good coverage, nice shine, and a great makeover.
  • The vast color range of this coating system enables you to choose the color of your choice.
  • The coating system is very easy to apply; no professional painters are required for it.
  • It makes the countertop durable and nothing can stain it. Not red wine, not tea bags nothing.


  • Each coat may take around three days to dry. The whole process of coating different layers may take more than a week to dry off completely.
  • You need to sand down the bubbles after each coat.
  • The coating system has a very apprehensive odor and it lasts for a long time. The place or room where you are applying this coating system should have proper ventilation.

4.Rust-Oleum 254853 Quart Interior Counter top coating

Rust-Oleum 254853 Quart Interior Counter top coating

Quart interior countertop coating system can solve more than one purpose. You can use it on the existing floors, furnishings etc. This one-part system can be tinted to 10 darker shades. This tintable property of the coating system enables it to coordinate with existing floors or furnishings. This is a unique feature of any coating system. You can get it tinted from lowe’s or from the store you buy it. Home improvement stores can also tint this coating system from you.

This deep counter coating product needs no primer on laminate. Manufactured in United States, this product is very easy to apply. The top coating of this coating system is entirely scrub-able and washable. It is resistant to moisture and chemicals. The Home Shield antimicrobial protection solution is included in the quart interior countertop coating. It prevents the growth of molds on the newly painted surface. It also inhibits the growth of microbes that can cause odor or stains. If two coats are applied properly, this coating system can survive for years.

This coating system can be used on doors and windows as well. The coating system goes smooth and smooth to create satin-smooth effect. Anyone who knows a bit of painting can use this product. No professional help is required for this. The quality of this coating system is long-lasting and it will give your kitchen a thrilling transformation.


  • This coating system has the durability of a piece of untreated pine.
  • The coating system is water-resistant as well. If a drop of waterfalls on it, it may discolor it for 15-30 minutes but it will return to its original color after some time.
  • The top protective layer is essential to retain its shine and durability.


  • The kit is insufficient to finish a kitchen countertop but it might make a finished furniture piece.
  • The coating system is scratch-prone.
  • It takes a minimum of 2-3 days to dry completely.
  • It leaves a nasty smell in your kitchen which removes in 3-4 days.

5.Rust-Oleum 246068 Quart interior countertop coating

Rust-Oleum 246068 Quart interior countertop coating

The quart interior countertop coating is one part system. This easy to apply countertop coating is tintable up to 16 colors so that it can easily coordinate with existing floors and furnishings. This QT Tint Counter Coating needs no priming on laminate. Manufactured in United States, this coating system includes Home Shield Antimicrobial Protection that prevents the newly painted surface from mold growth. It also prevents the growth of odor and stain causing microbes.

This amazingly beautiful coating is washable. It resists water, moisture and chemicals too.

You should paint the coating solutions in thin layer so that it can dry off completely and do not drip. The coating system dries to an opaque finish with slight gloss.

As already said, it can be tinted to 16 colors; you can choose the color that suits your furnishing and interiors.  You can get it tinted from the store you buy it or at Lowes.

The look it gives to your countertop is amazing. It is very durable and increases the life of the surface. The coating system can be wiped easily or can be flaked away from the silicone.

The kit includes a guide to apply the coating system. There is a step-by-step instruction manual. If you will follow the entire process stepwise, you will definitely be thrilled with the new-look.


  • After finishing the coating process, the surface exactly feels like laminate. A few coats of sealer will make the surface stain free too.
  • No priming is needed.
  • If your surface is smooth, sanding is also not required.


  • This oil based paint has strong fumes. You need proper ventilation around while applying this coating system.
  • Wait for around 24-hours to let each coat dry. This is a very time-consuming process.
  • The coating system is pretty sticky. Use disposable tools because after doing this tools cannot be reused.

6.Rustoleum Specialty 246068 1 Quart Tint Base Countertop coating

Rustoleum Specialty 246068 1 Quart Tint Base Countertop coating

Rustoleum Quart tint base countertop coating is a perfect solution for the laminate countertops, cabinets and furniture. It can renew your old and outdated surfaces and can transform it into the latest color and texture. This coating system does not need any priming for laminate surfaces.

Quart countertop coating contains Home Shield Antimicrobial Protection which inhibits the growth of any mold or mildew on the newly painted surface. It does not let any microbes grow on it and prevents the risk of stains and odor.

This specialty color coating comes in a neutral tone and can be easily tinted to 16 colors. You can choose any color according to your choice or color that can match your floor and furnishings. It is better if you opt any shade darker or deeper to already existing shade.

This countertop solution makes your common household items washable and free from moisture and chemicals. This one part system is very easy to apply and is scrub able. The kit includes instructional pamphlet and DVD. Play the DVD and watch it with concentration. Try to imitate each and every step accurately to get the best results.


  • It updates your old and outdated furniture or counter top almost instantly. A weekend is more than enough to experience this transformation.
  • No priming is needed.
  • This is a budget friendly option. You do not need to replace anything in order to update it. Moreover, you do not need any professional help as well. It is a DIY (Do it Yourself) kit and is very easy to use.
  • You can make the surface smooth by sanding.


  • The transformation is very time-consuming process because it takes more than a week to dry completely. Apply next layer only after the first layer dries off completely.
  • It does not work well on ridges.
  • The top layer i.e. the protective layer is not easy to apply.
  • 7.Rustoleum Specialty 254853 29 oz Tintable Specialty Countertop Coating

This easy to apply one trend color renews your laminate surfaces and gives them a satin sheen. With the help of this you can refinish and updates the looks of your countertops and laminate surfaces in one step.

Rust Oleum counter top coating can be tinted to 10 darker trendy shades. The pack contains neutral color and you can get it tinted from lowes or from the store you purchased it. You can choose colors according to your choice or the color that will match with your flooring or furnishing. The coatig system requires no priming on laminate. It is scrub able and washable. You can easily remove ant stains from it.

The specialty counter top coating is resistant to chemicals and moisture. Also, it contains Home Shield Antimicrobial Protection to prevent the growth of mold on the painted surface. It also inhibits the stain and odor causing microbes on the surface.

This one small kit of this coating system can cover 25 linear feet x 2’ wide area. This is an approximate coverage area and can fill your color room with colors.


  • This one kit is sufficient for almost a room or whole kitchen transformation.
  • It can fill your room or kitchen with the color of your choice.
  • You can apply this coating system on its own; no professional help is required for it.
  • The adhesive base coat of this coating system is very thick. It gives a thick color to the surface and dries in 10-12 hours. Remember to apply second coat only after the first coat dries up completely.
  • The coating system is quite durable and increases the shell life of your kitchen.


  • The whole process of applying this coating system can be lengthy and hectic.
  • It may take more than a week to complete the work.
  • The protective layer takes too long to apply and it can be a mess if not done properly.


On the whole, Rust oleum countertop transformation kits are the best option to transform your kitchen or bathroom cabinets or laminates in a budget friendly manner. They can update the old and rugged look of the surface in to a modern one. All the Rustoleum Countertop Paint Reviews claim it as the best product.

The kit includes an instructional DVD that gives you a step-by-step guidance to finish your work. The key point is to imitate the instructions step wise. In this way, you will follow the exactly same procedure and will get the best results.

Moreover, before applying second coat, let each coat dry completely so that any two coats do not stuck with each other. That is the reason why this coating system takes long time to finish


RustOleum Cabinet Transformations Reviews

I hate rust, who does not?  It looks creepy and destroys the aesthetic beauty of your home or industry. A product or paint which can keep your cabinets or doors clean and brand new is of excessive use. Rust oleum cabinet transformations are perfect for kitchen renovation and makeover.

You must have heard the slogan “Rust never sleeps”. This is the slogan of Rust Oleum Corporation now owned by RPM International Inc. RPM Oleum; the company is the manufacturer of paints and coatings for home and industrial use. The specialty of this paint is that it is protective and is rustproof. The company was founded in 1921 by Robert Fergusson who was a sea captain. This idea incorporated in his mind when he noticed when fish oil spilled on rusty metal deck stopped corrosion from spreading. Although, a lot of changes are made in the composition till date.

The family-owned company turned into RPM International Inc. in 1994. The key brands of Rust-Oleum include Stops Rust, High Performance, NeverWet, Painter’s Touch, Universal, Zinsser, Watco, and Varathane.

Rust-Oleum is ideal for glass vases, candle holders, jars, etc. The oil-based formula of rust oleum provides finishes and shining look. A thick coat of the product can provide enhanced reflectivity and added protection.

Tips for choosing the best rust oleum:

Color consideration

Before giving a protective layer to the object, you need to choose the color for the layer. The color should be chosen wisely so that it can add to the glory of the object. If you are coloring a home or office the color should keep you motivated. Use vibrant colors if the room or object is related to kids. Also, consider the furniture or architectural details while choosing the color. The color of the paint can have a huge impact on your mind so choose the one that affects your mood positively. It should also compliment the amount of natural light entering your room or the place or object. The color of a place can make it dull our energy. Colors affect our unconscious much more than we know. Rust-Oleum gives you the freedom to choose the color theme wisely from a wide variety of colors. You can use a paint sprayer or paintbrush for this purpose.

Surface which is to be painted

The quality of rust oleum also depends upon the surface or object you need to paint. No two surfaces can be painted with similar paint. A few paints are specially designed for walls and a few paints are manufactured for floors. Similarly, paints for glass vessels, cabinets doors, front drawers, maple cabinets, and truck beddings are different. A few paints are perfect for kitchen cabinets and can easily handle the oil fumes, stickiness, and debris of the kitchen. Rust-Oleum manufactures a few paints that suit moist and humid surfaces perfectly and can disguise the extra moisture. Rust-Oleum designs special rock-solid coats to beautify the floors of your deck, garage, room, kitchen or driveway. All these special coats come with a handy coating guide to make your work easier and perfect. Look for the Rust Oleum paint that can be used on the particular surface.


The choice of Rust-Oleum product also depends upon the particular design or trend you need to paint. Different aesthetic techniques require different kinds of Rust-Oleum paints and products. Rust-Oleum technique can bring back the perfect antique look of your object. If an old picture frame is stripping, Rust-Oleum can create a distinctive crackle finished look. A dramatic effect can also be created with these products. Rag rolling effect should be created on every natural fiber such as linen, chamois or burlap. It keeps the fabric clean and lint-free. The layering gaze can experiment with this technique. In this technique, multiple layers are applied but each layer is applied after the first layer dries completely. The sponging technique can be used for decorative purposes. More than one glaze or coat can be applied but in the same way. The next layer is applied after the first layer dries completely. In the same way, stenciling can also add to the glamorous look and creative designing. Stenciling patterns can be applied in different ways and more than one color can be used to create some specific designs. Different Rust-Oleum products can create different designs and effects. Choose the design according to your requirements.

Moisture Control

Rust-Oleum performs a wonderful function of controlling moisture in your old kitchen cabinets. Excessive moisture in the basement and foundation walls can be very harmful. It can cause significant structural decay, mold growth and high humidity levels. The moisture control technique of the Rust-Oleum product prevents the growth of mold and mildew. It can make the complete wall or basement moisture free and makes it waterproof. It is a very important feature one should look for before buying this product.

Customized look

Rust Oleum offers a wide number of techniques to transform your cabinets and give them a new-look through refacing, remodeling, decorating and updating. One can use the brush technique, flogging technique, edgy technique, mottling technique or scrunching technique as per the choice or requirement. The dry brush glazing technique gives your cabinets a unique look. The flogging technique can give a unique, dreaming touch. You can transform your cabinets into a distinctly personal look with a heavy edge technique in no time. Mottling technique gives you a look you can be proud of.

RustOleum Cabinet Transformations Reviews

1.Rust-Oleum 263231 Cabinet Transformations, Small kit, Espresso

Rust Oleum 263231 is a cabinet coating system that can simply transform your cabinets. The easy to use DIY project beautiful cabinet transformation can transform the outdated wonderfully. The product requires no stripping, no sanding and no priming. No special skills are required to use this product. One can simply follow three and four steps and transform the whole kitchen. Most of the Rustoleum cabinet transformations give a 5-star rating to this product.

This small espresso kit is basically a 100-square-foot kit that is perfect for kitchen bath vanities and for the furniture too. It is transforming the top cabinet in three colors: Pure White, Espresso and Cabernet. You can choose the color of your choice. This product is an ideal choice for wood melamine metal and laminate cabinetry. You can quickly transform your kitchen with its help. The product is durable and maintains the beautiful looks of your kitchen for a longer time. You can use it by yourself; no professional help is required for it.

The transformation kit comes with guaranteed satisfaction. It can be used on a bathroom vanity and staircase banister as well. With the help of this transformation kit, you can simply transform your old things into new without even replacing them.


  • The base coat of this transformation kit is amazing. It totally changes the color of the cabinet and turns your old ugly cabinet into an updated version of itself. It recovers the cosmetically ugly part of the cabinet and does wonders with it. Just remove the dust before you apply it and it goes like a charm.
  • The glaze (included in the kit) adds richness to the base coat. It makes wood grain look more noticeable and gives a better look.
  • The protective coat also plays an important role. It really protects your paint from falling off and do not let water or any other thing harm the lower coats. It is the answer to the question of how to restore the amazing look of the cabinet refinishing.


  • The process of painting your cabinet with this transformation paint is very time-consuming. It may take up to 10 – 15 days to complete the work. You need to keep a lot of patience to follow each step meticulously and wait for each coat to dry well.
  • Use the deglosser in a limited amount. If you overdo it, the high strength chemical may open the pores of the wood and it will be hard to fill the pores with the paint. Just a little of it will work fine.

2.Rust Oleum Cabinet Transformation, 258109, small kit, WINTER FROG

This perfect Do It Yourself Rust Oleum cabinet Transformation kit is capable of creating a premium cabinet finish. This particular kit can cover up to 100 square feet area and requires no stripping, sanding or priming. This light base tint can transform small cabinets in a way that it can become hard to recognize them.

The transformation kit is known to provide an elegant and smooth finish and is tintable to 11 colors. Manufactured in the United States, the kit is an ideal choice for kitchen cabinets, furniture, moldings and more. The glaze accomplishes the whole look of the cabinets. Even if they are fake, the glaze will make them look like real paint. It brings out the wood grain and thus completed the look.

This water-based coat is untinted and you have to make it tinted before you use it. Lowe’s can do it free of cost. Before putting on the base coat, remember to wipe the surface and clean it. This easy to use transformation kit gives a totally professional look. One cannot believe that you have painted it on your own. Follow all the instructions written on the pack to get the best results.


  • This transformation kit is very easy to use. If you know how to paint, you can use it. The wonderful looks it provides to your cabinets will never let anyone guess that you have not taken any professional help. The finished look will compel people to think that either they are done professionally or you have replaced them.
  • When you will compare the price of the kit with the work it has delivered, you will feel proud of yourself. The kit is much cheaper in the comparison of professional refinishing.
  • There is no color in the box. It is just a base. You can get it tinted of your choice of color.


  • You will need some extra products to finish your job. The products in the box are not sufficient for the work. You should get a free estimate before using it.
  • It takes forever to complete the work. The process of painting the cabinets is so time-consuming that you will have to spare 2-3 weekends to complete your project. The time it takes also depends on the size of your work space.
  • The topcoat if not done carefully can ruin your whole project. It can be very frustrating but add some drops of water if you want to avoid bubbles. It also slows the drying time.

3.Rust-Oleum 263233 Cabinet Transformations, Small Kit, Cabernet

Rust-Oleum 263233 Cabinet Transformations, Small Kit, Cabernet

Rust Oleum 263233 is a beautiful cabinet coating system that can transform your entire kitchen or bathrooms in a week. This great product works amazingly. It is easy to use and requires no special skills. One small transformation kit is sufficient for the 102-square-foot kit area. The kit is perfect for Kitchen cabinet bath vanities and furniture. If you have wood melamine cabinets and laminat cabinetry, this transformation kit is an ideal choice for you.

No special skills are required to use this coating system. It requires no stripping, sanding or priming. The kit is available in three colors i.e. pure white, espresso and cabernet.

Rust Oleum 263233 cabinet transformation is an easy and best way to transform your old and outdated oak kitchen cabinet. Just take a few steps according to the instruction manual and you will see an updated, beautiful, durable and easiest transformation of your life.

No one will believe that this professional look is that easy to attain. Transform your kitchen in an inexpensive and easiest way. The kit does not seem less than a miracle for interior and exterior painting.


  • The first adhesive coat works like a charm. For the best results, you just need to clean the surface of old cabinets before applying the base coat.
  • The DIY project is very durable and does not fall off even in a year. No fading or chipping is observed in a long time. It can even work on hidden hinges.
  • The protective coat actually protects the below layers from heat, dust and sharp objects. It works like a pro.


  • The topcoat of this transformation kit is terrible. It needs to be mixed with water from lowe’s to do the topcoat properly. It works so much better when diluted with water.
  • If you are using a dark-colored cot to update cabinets, you need to add some richness to it to get the best results.
  • Putting on this adhesive coat and all other layers is a time-consuming process. It can take a week even.

4.Rust-Oleum 258242 Dark Tint Base Cabinet Transformation Kit, Large

A dark tint base Rust-oleum Cabinet transformation kit is the best solution to create a premium cabinet finish. It requires no stripping, no priming, and no sanding. The kit can be used by amateurs themselves and it covers an average of more than 210 square feet. The large kit of this coating system is ideal for your kitchen cabinets, furniture, molding, and many other things.

Rust Oleum transformation kit is tintable to 11 colors. You can choose the color that matches with your floorings or countertop shades. You can get the base colored from the store which sells it or from Lowes. The process of tinting takes around 20 minutes and is free of charge. It brings out the wood grain and works great even with darkest stains. It can create a real wood glaze and shine even on the fake wood cabinets and gives it the appearance of real wood.

Manufactured in the United States, the kit is known to provide elegant design and smooth finish. The topcoat should be applied very carefully otherwise it may ruin your whole project. You can dilute topcoat with a few drops of water to get better results.


  • The coating system is very easy to use. If you know how to paint, you can easily Do it Yourself.
  • The finished look of this coating system looks very nice. It gives the perfect professional look. No one will believe that you have done it by yourself.
  • This is a value for money product. The kit includes each and everything you need to use this coating system. It is much cheaper than professional refurnishing or replacement of the cabinets.
  • It requires no sanding, no priming or no stripping.


  • The project takes forever to complete. It takes a minimum of a week to finish. Obviously the statistics depend upon the number of cabinets and how much work you have. Each layer of coat takes too long to dry.
  • The colors shown on the box are not accurate. It always varies from the original shades.
  • You may need a few extra things while working on the project.


From Rustoleum Reviews of cabinet transformations above it is clear that Rust-Oleum transformation kits are the best and the cheapest way to transform your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. These transformation kits can do the miracles and update the old outdated look. It can be probably the best makeover.

The kit includes each and everything you need for the transforming process: instructional pamphlet and DVD, a deglosser, a bond coat, decorative glaze, protective topcoat, scrub pads, stir sticks and glazing clothes. The DVD gives step-by-step instructions to complete the work. You just need to follow the procedure and keep patience to let the coats dry completely.

I hope these Rustoleum cabinet transformations reviews will help you to choose the best product among the wide range of Rust-Oleum products to transform your kitchen cabinets or countertops.


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