Tips for Painting the Kitchen with Rustoleum Counter Paint

When you think of giving your home a new look, it includes the kitchen. One of the best ways to make your kitchen look new without refurbishing your kitchen is to paint it. This is not an easy task especially if you are painting your kitchen for the first time. You should read this article as it contains tips to paint your kitchen. In case you have painted your house before then it would be good to check out the latest paints in the market. Top brands include Rustoleum Countertop Paint as it tops the charts due to the features of this specific paint.

  1. Check Out Suitable Colors for your Kitchen: There are various colors to select from. It must match with the kitchen flooring and furnishings too. If you have small kids then you will want it to look bright and colorful. Select colors like yellow, red, green, etc. These are the favorable colors when the climate is dull. When you go for colors like Grey or dark blue it keeps a level profile of the kitchen. These colors are suitable when it is cold. If there is sufficient amount of sunlight coming into your kitchen, then the traditional shades would do a great job for kitchen paint.
  1. Choose the Most Suitable Type of Paint: There are different types of kitchen paints available in the market. It makes a difference when you use a paint which has its positive purposes. There are other well known paints and those on the higher side – the high quality paints. As mentioned earlier, they are also paints that are expensive. So, here are the basic and famous paints that every house uses inside.

(i) Oil Paints – These paints are often a good selection for many. They go with several types of walls. It can also be pained onto the other parts of the kitchen like kitchen cabinets, windows & doors. The best part is that this is a water resistant paint. This type of paint also gives shine to the kitchen.

(ii) Latex Paints – This type of paint is seen in various kitchens. This is because the paint also comes along with diverse finishes. The satin finish gives a smooth appearance to the walls. There is semi – gloss finish that gives a shine more than satin. While matte is difficult to clean of stains, the smoother, glossier ones is easily cleaned. Satin and semi – gloss finish is easy to clean. In case your kitchen walls are not level these shiny finishes highlights the bends and dents in walls. So, if your kitchen has such dents, it is good to avoid the glossy types.

(iii) High Quality Paints – When you use a paint that is of standard quality, it comes off easily after a while. It does not stay long. The chips of this dried paint would come off and if you have painted windows with it, they blow off with breeze and settle on things especially food in the kitchen.

These tips given above for painting your kitchen using the best paint that is suitable to your kitchen will help you to select a good paint type and color. In the top brands, review of Rustoleum Countertop Paint says it is suitable as it comes with various finishes and so many tints to add a difference to your kitchen.

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