Rustoleum countertop transformation kit, Charcoal Review

Kitchen and washroom countertops wear out and damage with time. The worn out countertops ruin the look of your perfect house. Replacing the countertops can affect your professional schedules and savings adversely. It may cause lots of demolition and mess. Rustoleum countertop transformation kit can create a new, natural-looking kitchen in one week.  It provides your kitchen a look of natural stones. This Do It Yourself imported project is an ultimate budget redo for your kitchen.

Features of rustoleum countertop transformation kit, charcoal:

  • Amazing transformation: Rustoleum countertop transformation kit can transform your kitchen in an amazing way. Your old, worn out and damaged countertops will transform into new, durable and natural stone looking surfaces. The multiple layers of the coating system create a stain-free and water-resistant surface. This wonderful coating system can withstand the daily wear and tear of years.
  • Protection from microbes: Reinforced with HomeShield, rustoleum kitchen countertop transformation provides certified protection against microbes, growth of mold or mildew on the surface of the countertop. HomeShield assures the durability and wellness of your new transformed countertops. You just need to clean the surface with mild soap on regular basis.
  • Do-it-Yourself: Rustoleum countertop coating system is very easy to install. The DIY project can be completed in five easy steps.
  1. Clean and sand the surface.
  2. Apply the base coat. The base coat is adhesive in nature.
  3. The company provides decorative chips in the kit. Spread these chips on the surface. These chips will provide your countertop a natural stone look.
  4. Sand and smooth the chips.
  5. In the last, apply the top protective coat. It takes a minimum of 48 hours to dry.

Wait for at least 7 days before resuming the normal use of the countertop. The instructional DVD will help you in completing the entire process in a perfect manner.

Take it as a weekend project and you will actually enjoy doing it. One does not need any special skill to complete this project.

  • Guarantee: Rustoleum countertop transformation kit is backed with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If unsatisfied, you can call customer care service for money back policy.
  • Capacity: This one countertop transformation kit can cover up to 50 square feet or 20 feet linear area.

Tips: Read on to get a perfect countertop look.

  • Clean and de-gloss the surface of the countertop completely before using this transformation kit.
  • Apply the decorative chips within 10 minutes of applying base coat because of the adhesive nature of the base coat.
  • Let the kitchen countertop paint kit stay untouched for 12 hours once you apply chips.
  • Sand the surface of the countertop both before applying base coat and top coat for better results.
  • Turn off all the sources of ignition before applying topcoat.
  • Do not use any kind of wetting agent on the top coat.
  • The top coat needs at least 6-8 hours to dry. Leave the surface undisturbed for this interval of time. Close the windows and no pets should be allowed inside.

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