Rust-oleum 263209 Countertop Coating Review

If you’re already existing countertops are in a great condition and you are just bored with its color or if its paint is chipping off, you do not need to replace them to have a new-look. Rustoleum 263209 countertop coating system is specially designed to create to transform the old and outdated countertops without much hassle.

It is a quick and simple solution which is very easy to apply. Rustoleum 263209 countertop coating system renews your laminated surfaces. The black satin coating system provides a smooth black satin sheet look. It adds glamour and a clean, finishes look to the countertop. This particular countertop coating is available in two colors: black satin and cobblestone. Amid of these two black satin one is more popular and liked. To know more about  how to paint countertop of your kitchen visit the source.

Let us have a look on more premium features of the coating system:

  • Rustoleum 263209  kitchen countertop transformations kit  system needs no priming before applying. You can apply it directly on the surface.
  • The coating system is reinforced with the Home Shield antimicrobial coating. HomeShield reinforcement extends the life of the coating system by preventing the growth of molds and mildew on the surface of the countertop. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes that cause bad odor and stains.
  • This countertop coating system works great on all laminated surfaces like countertops, cabinets or even furniture. A few hours of hard work can change the entire look of your furniture or cabinets.
  • The quality of this countertop coating system is superb. It is scrub able washable. It makes the surface of the countertop moisture and chemical resistant. The washable property of the coating system helps you to keep it clean. You need not to worry every time it develops a stain.
  • The base coat of the rustoleum countertop coating system is thick in nature. If applied uniformly, it creates a wonderful glaze and color. Clean the laminate top properly before applying the base coat. Apply 3 coats of the base coat and take care if any specific area needs extra coverage. Let it dry properly.
  • The surface should be smooth after the base coat dries. If it is not, sand it properly with a paper. Apply the top protective coat only after ensuring the smoothness of the base coat. The top coat provides excellent finishing.


  • This Do-it-yourself project is all in one you need. It renews your counters by providing excellent glaze and finish.
  • Anyone can use this coating system. One does not need any specific skill or experience to paint the surface using this.
  • This great makeover paint gives a good coverage and shine.


  • Rustoleum countertop coating system has a pungent smell which does not go off easily. Keep the windows open and take care of proper ventilation in the room where you are applying this coating system.
  • Follow the instruction provided in the instructional video otherwise it may create a mess.
  • It is very difficult to paint this coating system evenly.

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