Rust Oleum 258514 Counter Top Transformations Review

With Rust Oleum 258514 counter top transformation kit you are just one step away from a beautiful kitchen. This easy to apply coating system can transform your old and wear off countertops into new and beautiful in just one weekend. The best part of using this countertop transformation is that it does not cause any demolition or mess. You do not need to remove your older countertops to renovate it. You just need to upgrade your already existing countertops.

This transformation kit is specifically designed for you if your countertops are in a great condition and you do not like its color only.

Loaded with amazing features, rustoleum 258514 counter top transformation kit is known to create magic. Read on to know more about it.

  • This small size kit can easily cover 31 square feet i.e. 12 linear feet. That means this kit is ideal for a small sized kitchens, bathroom vanities or laundry counters.
  • One does need any specific skills to use it. The premium natural stone look and professional looks of the final product can be easily achieved. You can simply do-it-yourself as a weekend project. The revolutionary kit can transform your kitchen in an amazing manner leaving you surprised. To change the complete look of your already existing countertops, you just need to follow three simple steps.
  1. Sand the surface and clean it properly. Apply a good thick layer of the base coat.
  2. Add chips after you apply base coat. The adhesive nature of the base coat holds the chips firmly. Sand the surface again to achieve great results.
  3. Finally, add the top protective layer. It will provide a wonderful look as you transform your kitchen with RustOleum Cabinet Transformation.
  • Follow the procedure depicted in the instructional DVD of the product. The kit is accompanied with this DVD. The instructional videos help you to understand the working of this kit.
  • Rustoleum kit provides a beautiful natural stone look to your counters. The look seems so natural that your guests can confuse it with granite. What else a transformation needs?
  • This kit is highly durable and lasts for years. Its shine and finish never fades or dulls with time.
  • The countertop transformation kit is highly recommended for people who run on limited budget. Demolishing already existing countertops and replacing them can be too costly. Rustoleum transformation kit is a pocket friendly product.


  • The most amazing part of the rustoleum transformation kit is that it makes your countertop appear ‘new’ and not ‘transformed’. It seems as if you have replaced your countertop.
  • This kit is very easy to use. No special skill is required for it.


  • You need just 2 days to apply this coating system but it takes forever to dry. The top takes at least 7 days to dry properly. This coating system shuts down your countertop for a week.
  • The amount of top coat is not sufficient for smaller countertops even.

Application of this coating system needs lots of sanding.

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