Rust Oleum 258242 Dark Tint Base Cabinet Transformation Kit Review

The easiest way of cabinet transformation, Rust Oleum 258242 dark tint base goes a long way to bring a smile of satisfaction to your face. The strong coating system is water based and you only need a little patience to complete it in a perfect way. Start it on your own and just wait how your cabinet will turn out. You will be amazed by the results.

The coating system comes in an untinted base. You can use the natural white tone or can get it tinted in the color of your choice. You can choose any color in contrast with your flooring and fixtures from 11 possible colors. Getting it tinted is not a big deal. You can visit Lowe’s store for this purpose. The process it totally free and takes around 20 minutes to be done.

The glaze of the coating system is of superior quality and brings out the wood grain. It works with the darkest stains very well. It gives the real wood appearance even of the fake cabinets.

If you are looking for a kit that you can use by yourself and does not require assistance from any professional, then this is the kit for you. It elegant finish will surely transform your kitchen over an area of 180 square feet.

Manufactured in United States, the kit provides elegant design and smooth finish. The dark tint base large transformation kit requires no stripping, sanding or priming. This coating system can be used on laminated surface, ikea and furniture as well. The adhesive power of the coating system is so much stronger goes smoother than normal paints.

Rust Oleum coating system is a much affordable choice that would bring the transformation you are looking for you in your kichen without any need for physical changes. Replacing kitchen cabinets can cost you much more than that.

The product is accompanied with an instructional CD that explains the whole process of using it. If checked properly, it can prove very helpful.

Here are a few tips that can help you while dealing with this product:

  • The first and most important tip is that you should not rust while drying the coats. Rushing while drying up can cause a major harm. Let it dry properly to have a smoother finish.
  • Do not use roll-on brush for glazing. Instead of actual grains it can sit like little dots on the surface.


  • Rust Oleum cabinet transformation kit is pretty much easy to use. Anyone who knows how to paint can use it.
  • The finished product gives a nice professional look. No one can predict that you have done it by yourself.
  • This coating system is much cheaper that the professional products and deliver equivalent products.
  • It requires no sanding or priming.


  • The kit is not complete in itself. You may need a few extra accessories to complete the project.
  • The project takes forever to complete. The process of drying up is very complicated and time-consuming.
  • Colors provided on the box and actual colors do not match. The company should provide sample chips of accurate colors.

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