Rust Oleum 254853 Quart Interior Countertop coating Review

Tired and bored with your old cabinets and counters? Rust oleum 254853 quart interior countertop coating is exactly what you need. Whether you like light colored countertops or dark colored, quart interior QT deep counter coating can satisfy your demand of color choices. The countertop coating renews your laminated surfaces and makes them appear fresh.

The whole transformation takes less than a week to complete and the process is completed without creating any mess or demolition. The US manufactured coating system set like a sating sheet on the surface of the countertop and provides a beautiful, shiny and finished look.

The whole transformation of  kitchen cabinet is described as belowand the features of the product are described below:

  • The base coat of the coating system is available in the form of a tint base. You can get it tinted in 10 colors. Tintable to 10 dark colors, the tint base can be converted to any color that matches your flooring or wardrobe. You can it tinted from nearby Lowe’s store or check if you can get it done from any online store. Having the countertop of the color of your choice is no less than a bonus.
  • It creates a magical look of the beautiful satin sheet. You do not need to prime the surface of the countertop before applying this coating system. The coating system is very easy to apply.
  • The coating system develops a laminate sheet that is scrub able and washable. You can wash the surface with soapy water to keep it clean and stain free. This new laminated surface is both moisture and scratch resistant. That means there is no effect of any sharp object like knife or blades on it. Secondly, do not worry if water or any other liquid spills on it often.
  • As per countertop paint kit review , it is reinforced with HomeShield antimicrobial protection. The antimicrobial content of the coating system prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of laminated sheet. It also inhibits the growth of any kind of micro-organisms and bacteria.

While using this Rust oleum 254853 transformation kit one should follow a few precautions to get the best results:

  • Apply the coating system in a thin layer so that it dries off completely and easily. Thick layer of the paint can easily catch any bump and the paint will chip-off at that site.
  • Choose the color for tinting in accordance with your already existing flooring or fixtures.
  • Keep the doors and windows of the kitchen or washroom, wherever you are working to avoid the strong and pungent smell it produces.

Have a look at the pros and cons of this product.


  • It covers the entire surface in a wonderful manner.


  • The surface is not totally water-proof. It definitely absorbs some water and the result will shock you after many years.
  • To have a great, nice finish, leave the kitchen untouched and undisturbed for at least a week. It is hard to control pets at such times.

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