Rust Oleum 246068 1 qt. countertop tintbase kit Review

The easy to apply one-part system Rust Oleum countertop tint base kit is perfectly suitable for laminate surfaces. It renews and restores laminate surfaces easily. The countertop coating system is tintable to 16 colors. You can choose color of the countertop as per your room coordination among these 16 colors.

If your older countertops in your kitchen are in a great condition but you are bored and tired of looking at the same stuff in your home all the time, Rust Oleum 246068 countertop tint base is the best solution to replace them. It works without any demolition or mess.

Rust Oleum 246068 countertop coating system renews your furniture and cabinets. It forms a protective layer on the surface of the countertop and makes it scrub able, washable, moisture and chemical resistant. This protective layer saves the surface of the countertop from every household item.

This countertop can be simply used for industrial application because it provides a rust protective finish. The protective layer formed by this coating system can be easily cleaned up using mineral spirits. The 1 qt kit can easily cover 25 sq ft area of the surface.

In addition, the countertop coating system is reinforced with Home Shield anti microbial protection. This protection saves the countertop surface from any kind of mold or and mildew growth. It also makes the surface of the countertop scratch and odor resistant by preventing the expansion of odor causing microbes.  The laminate surface needs no sanding or priming before the application of this coating system.

Rust Oleum 246068 countertop tint base kit is loaded with customer satisfaction guarantee. The company assures the full refund of purchase price if you do not like the quality or end result of the product.

Rust Oleum coating system kit is loaded with an instructional DVD that helps you in completing the project in a proper way. It has proper guidelines that assist you in the whole process.

Tips: One ought to follow these tips in order to achieve best results.

  • Clean the surface with soap and water before applying the base coat. It enhances the grace of first coat.
  • Let the base coat dry properly. Apply second layer of base coat only after first coat dries off.
  • Apply third coat only if you like darker shade of the color.
  • Glossy layer is important because it imposes shine and transparency of the base color. Also, it makes the surface scratch resistant.
  • A few people will tell you that the top protective layer is not important but make sure you apply it because it makes the surface scratch resistant. It also saves the surface from the side-effects of chemical and moisture. Moreover, it protects the surface from molds, mildew and odor causing bacteria.



  • You need special roller brushes to apply this coating system.
  • The project takes forever to complete. Each layer takes 2-3 days to dry off completely.

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