Residential Interior painting

Anyone can put up a coat of paint…
…but it takes trained painting professional to do it right the first time, every time!

Interior painting

Your home is your sanctuary. Your personal private space. We respect that. As a privileged guest in your home, we earn your trust each and every day by taking the care and concern of your property as we would our own. And with hundreds of interior home painting projects successfully completed by our trusted and competent crews, you can rest assured you’re in good hands even while you’re away at work or on holidays! Just ask for our references before we begin to hear it directly from our customers who were confident in leaving their home in our care and thrilled with the work AND the clean up when they returned. It’s like having the job done by a professional in the family!

You have my word on it.


Our Interior Painting Process

Set up:

As space allows, small furniture and other portable items are removed from the area. Remaining furniture is centered in the room and covered with plastic or clean drop sheets to protect them from dust and spatter. Drop sheets are then carefully placed around the perimeter to protect the exposed floors. Electrical plate covers, lighting, shelving and other incidental hardware removed or masked. Picture hooks are removed and any holes you want left unfilled are circled in pencil (to replace the hook or hardware in its exact position after painting).



All surfaces are sanded and areas of failing paint are scraped. Holes and other major flaws are patched and where cracks are severe, a layer of mesh Fibatape is applied to bind the crack along with 3 coats of plaster to smooth it over. All plaster repairs are then sanded and spot-primed. Gaps in corners and around all trim are caulked with paintable interior latex caulking and left to dry before painting.


Once we have confirmed your colour selections from any source you choose, we have your paints custom made to order by one of our top name brand suppliers to meet or exceed the specifications required. Then our paint crew skillfully applies two coats of your selected colours by brush and roller techniques as specified by the manufacturer and as governed by PDCA Industry Standards to which we are bound. The result is a beautiful solid and consistent finish with colour retention and durability to keep your home looking vibrant for years to come. For exquisite depth of colour and scrub ability without the glare, ask us about our “scrubable flat finish system” for the finest finish available! Contact us for more information about using high quality matte coatings and a free on-site consultation.


Plastic sheeting is carefully removed and disposed of. Drop sheets are folded into themselves to trap all dust and debris to be removed. Masking tape is removed. Floors are swept and/or vacuumed and hardware is reinstalled. Furniture is put back in place as close to their original positions as possible depending on the status of drying paint at the time. All tools, materials and equipment are removed along with any remaining garbage if not conveniently timed with your regular pick up.


Once our painters have carefully reviewed their work for possible imperfections, you’re invited to walk through the interiors and countertop paint job with the project manager to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Any concerns will be addressed and corrected immediately on the spot or at your earliest convenience. Once you’re satisfied you’ll be asked to fill out and sign our brief Project Completion and Satisfaction Form.

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