Residential Exterior Painting

Curb appeal matters whether you’re selling or staying. It tells the world (or at least your neighbors) how you feel about life in your home. A professional exterior paint job is like putting a smile on your house. It’s also is the most cost effective way toward keeping it in good repair and saving on costly repairs down the road. Done properly, it even saves you money on heating and cooling costs! But it takes a professional painting contractor who knows exactly how to meet current environmental concerns while properly preparing your old weathered surfaces to maximize the adhesion and colour retention of modern coatings to protect your investment for years to come. In fact, ask us how we can guarantee your exterior paint job for as long as you own your home.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Large home with garage, and big driveway.

Set Up:

Plants, shrubs, hedges and trees are carefully protected with loose plastic sheeting to protect from debris and paint spatter. Also, when and where appropriate, door handles, light fixtures and other incidental hardware is removed or masked as needed.

Surface Cleaning:

We start with pressure washing to strip away all loose and failing paint and remove all dirt, debris and pollutants.


Then we scrape and power sand away any remaining loose or peeling paint down to a solid sound surface.


All exposed bare wood or metal substrates are then spot primed with a surface appropriate primer to seal, protect and promote adhesion of the finish coats wherever necessary. Knots and sap-rich grain on wood surfaces are sealed with a shellac-based primer to keep them from bleeding through the finish coats and all areas of rusted metal are sealed with rust primer.


All gaps on and around windows, doors and door frames are neatly caulked with exterior grade latex caulking.

Scuff Sanding:

Existing glossy painted surfaces are scuff sanded to provide a “tooth” for the new paint to cling to.

Painting and Staining:

Once we have confirmed your transformation selection from any source you choose, we have your paint or stain made to order by Rustoleum brand suppliers to meet or exceed the specifications required. And after carefully protecting your grounds and property with drop sheets, our paint crew skillfully applies two coats of your selected colour by brush and roller techniques as specified by the manufacturer and governed by our commitment to PDCA Industry Standards. The result is a beautiful solid and consistent finish with the durability to protect your home for years to come. We also offer an exterior painting system with a Lifetime Guarantee!. Contact us for more information about our Lifetime Exterior Painting Warranty and a free on-site consultation to give you everlasting beauty and protection.

Clean Up:

Job sites are tidied every day with paint chips swept up from walks and driveways and vacuumed from lawns and gardens, tools and paint materials are stored neatly and ladders tucked away and locked in an area best suited to your premises. At job end, the entire grounds are cleaned thoroughly as needed with all tools, ladders and materials taken away along with any remaining garbage if not conveniently timed with your regular pick up. All we leave behind is leftover tinted finish paint for your convenience in case of touch ups at a later date.


Once our painters have carefully reviewed their work for possible imperfections, you’re invited to walk through the job with the project manager to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Any concerns will be addressed and corrected immediately on the spot or at your earliest convenience. Once you’re satisfied you’ll be asked to fill out and sign our brief Project Completion and Satisfaction Form.

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