Pros and cons of Rustoleum cabinets transformations to consider while buying

There are several reasons for selecting Rustoleum cabinets to give a renewed look to your kitchen. It may be a long time since you are planning for a remodeling for better functionality or maybe to give a better look to your kitchen. The purpose is completely yours. But how would you select one that is best  and know that it is the best?  Rustoleum cabinets have been in the marketing, manufacturing and giving great tips to DIY (do it yourself) kits to the customers with good instructions.

Most customers have given this great product a 5 star rating. Along with that there goes some slight suggestions for product improvements as well. Several reviews suggest more positive uses and results from this product brand. Here are some of the pros & cons for the same: –

Pros of RustOleum Cabinets

  • Simple and easy DIY (do it yourself) kits with clear and straightforward instructions on how to do it.
  • Budget friendly when in other options like remodeling, it hurts the pocket.
  • At the same time, it gives a greater enhanced look to your kitchen as your kitchen looks almost new!
  • The techniques used in Rustoleum kitchen cabinets does not require sanding.
  • You do not require several instruments or necessities to carry out the task.
  • The bond coat does not require much time to air as it dries faster than expected.
  • The last top coat dries remarkably faster than other coats.
  • End result gives a great almost new look to your kitchen

Cons of RustOmleum Cabinets

  • Professionals or the people who done it earlier may know to save time on this work. For first timer it is a lengthy task and feels like it will take forever.
  • Though the guide in the DIY (do it yourself) kits have clear instructions it does not contain all the necessary products that you require. So prepare to keep them ready will be yours.
  • You still need to run to the retailer for some reasons known to the purchaser.
  • The base only comes and for the coloring have to find out a place to get one. This is tough as you have not bought it at their respective store so it is sometimes difficult to get the color.
  • Product does not come with sample chips. On the chart the color differs. For example while applying it first it resembles redwood mark. However, after putting in the color it slightly modifies the actual color a little bit. At times it may get to dark. (Advisable to test a little on less used draw/ cabinet and check before using two tone pigment).
  • Scrub pads given in kit is not sufficient as it is required to have many more than that.
  • The decorative glaze takes longer than expected to dry. Requirement of fan to create drying effect possible.
  • Possible that kitchens will innumerable cabinets will get short of the contents of the kit.


With patience, valuable time and space it gives a new look to your cabinets / woodwork. Though there are some cons, most users are fully satisfied with the product except for a few suggestions. In case you do not have funding for a complete kitchen renewal or remodeling, read reviews of rustoleum products to get kitchen makeover is always a better solution for the time. Overall, it is a budget – friendly way to make your kitchen look like new!

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